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Art Ecosystem? Yes, that is a thing...

Atlanta's art scene on is on fire y'all and, if the conversation that I was a part of at Notch8 Gallery is any indication, there's a whole lot more community and economic engagement happening in the arts community than many might realize. "The Ecosystem of Art in Atlanta", a panel discussion presented by ARTiculate ATL, and facilitated by arts and culture doyen, Floyd Hall, brought together some distinguished figures (present company included, although I was humbled to be among such visionaries) in Atlanta's arts and culture scene for an evening of conversation about the greatness, challenges, triumphs and future of Atlanta's cultural and arts citizenry.

From l. to r., George Galbreath, Esohe Galbreath, Miya Bailey, Floyd Hall, Kimberly Binns, Jason Orr, Brandon Ball, Makeba Dixon-Hill, Courtney Ware.

We talked about the role of arts and culture in shaping the identity and ideals of the city's populate, increasing the creative community's cultural currency as a leveraging tool, what we (creatives), patrons and supporters of arts and culture, and people outside of the arts realm, need to demand of the city and officials to ensure that our creative capital is recognized as a vital component to Atlanta's continued growth.

There is always a lot of talk about "talk" and whether it is beneficial without coming to solutions or prompting action. To that I say, yes it is. 'fate of the art world' conversations can (and most likely will) continue but I believe it's what's needed to thrive. If we don't continue to check ourselves, the creative environment and how we are servicing each other and the community as a whole, the rise of the creative class will stall.

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