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The Creative Eqinox

The Creative Eqinox

October 1, 2017


by Kimberly Binns

Fall is my favorite time of year. The way it takes its beginnings as long, drawn out shadows and temperate afternoons that meld into mildly cool evenings makes me put more attention to my own transition and preparation for the start of the end of the year. Reflection is typically the mental task I perform during this time as well. Taking a moment to review what's transpired in the months leading to the autumnal equinox usually only results in more of the same 'W' anxieties that have plagued me for three-quarters of the year- "What have I done?" "Where am I headed?" "Who do I want to be?".

Solar eclipse-ing

It would seem that these questions would be easily answered. I mean, I am a creative. It's my job to figure things out, you know, creatively. Friends I am here to tell you the struggle is real. Actually, the plague of a creative is incessant reassessment. Although redundant, reassessment is a necessary exercise to keep me fresh and open to new ideas. A creative equinox, if you will. A time to morph into and prepare for the next breakthroughs to come, at least until the next  wave of anxieties set in. 

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